Kyiv, ua - 23-24 august


An idea to write the word “Brave!” in yellow color on one of the 90 meters long roofs of a big factory brought twenty people of us together and made us closer than ever. It made us learn how to paint out the huge letters using coordinate grid and choose the right paint. It made us learn filming equipment. And what's most important, it helped the lifetime-workers of the factory take their minds off the working routine and just look up to the sky with us for nothing. Even though this idea didn’t boost any industry and is actually irrational, it did bring sudden joy instead and reminded us to not to seek meaning in everything.

Now, what is going to happen when a huge industrial property welcomes dozens of such ideas and becomes a place for electronic music acts, contemporary art installations and urban culture objects? It’s going to be Brave! Factory festival.

Warehouses and machine hall will turn into a rave-space and a gallery, walls will become huge canvases, concrete platforms and unmapped coppices will become concert stages and daytime dance floors. Elevators, traveling bridges, machines, old barrels and pipes will transform into installations, seats, balconies, cafes and other beautiful somethings.

More than fifty cutting edge and legendary musicians, deejays and contemporary artists from around the world... The factory is brave enough to hospitably host all of these gifted, strong and therefore sometimes weird personalities and help them in every possible way. The factory is even brave enough to cut production plans and just go dance.

23 August. Brave! Factory. Avtoremontnaya, 45-128

Robert Hood
Angar - night

Robert Hood

A «Minister Of Information» of the group Underground Resistance, Robert Hood is a living legend of Detroit’s electronic scene, also known as a Floorplan, Monobox, Inner Sanctum and The Vision; owner of M-Plant, who fixed the best of Axis by Jeff Mills and German Tresor in his releases. In the early 90s Robert Hood and UR deprecated musical commercialization, confessing a rhythmic terrorism of Detroit's techno. As well as creators of border worlds such as Drexciya and Mad Mike Banks, Robert Hood made the industrial America sound in major techno clubs on the planet. Among those who released by Axis, in 1993 a double vinyl single «Minimal Nation» exploded in a world of electronic music and led a road to a heavy wave of a dancefloor minimalism without distracting details, which determined a way of evolving techno right to the end of 90s. That's why Hood is still called a «father» of minimal techno and a true romantic of a post-industrial future.
Francesco Tristanolive
antracite - night

Francesco Tristano

The Luxembourgian pianist who successfully combines playing at academic concerts with writing electronic music and performing together with such techno veterans as Derrick May, Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald. Tristano's music is a journey from one genre to another, from piano to synthesizer, from classics to experimental techno.
the bug feat flowdan and miss redlive
(uk,uk,il - ninja tune)
antracite - day

the bug feat flowdan and miss red

Ninja Tune label resident Kevin Martin is one of the most notable producers of heavy electronic music, known for such projects as a Techno Animal, Ice, God, King Midas Sound and The Bug. Together with two MC - Britishman Flowdan and charming Israeli Miss Red they makevenues swing all over the world: from the festivals CTM, Outlook and Sonar to small London clubs, where the whole story began.
Egyptian loverlive
(usa - egyptian empire records)
container - day

Egyptian lover

Egyptian Lover, whose real name is Greg Broussard, is one of the brightest representatives of the old school era. He is known as “The King of” the Roland TR-808 drum machine and the ancestor of the rap on the west coast, and his music is a mixture of hip-hop and electronic sound. In 1983 his track "Egypt, Egypt", released on the label Freak Beat, instantly became a hit all over the west coast and a hymn of the break dance culture. For more than 30 years he is engaged in music and has a respectable reputation on electronic music scene, as well as in the world of rap to this day.
simian mobile discodj set
(uk - wichita)
antracite - night

simian mobile disco

The British electronic duo, that consists of Jas Shaw and James Ford who is a producer of many artists, including Foals, Klaxons, Arctic Monkeys, Florence And The Machine, Depeche Mode and many others. The first joint album of Simian Mobile Disco was released in the mid-2000s. Since then they haven't stopped exploring the various areas of electronic music: from new rave, acid house and hypnotic techno to the ambient album "Whorl". These two lovers of analog equipment released the sixth studio album last fall, and earlier this year the duo appeared on BBC Radio 1 in Pete Tong's Essential Mix.
the fieldlive
(se - kompakt)
antracite - night

the field

Swedish electronic musician-minimalist Axel Villner is a founder of this project. He debuted in 2007 on the famous German label Kompakt with the album "From Here We Go Sublime", which entered the list of 200 best albums of the decade on Pitchfork and was named the breakthrough of the year, and also ranked 29th on the list of the best albums of the decade on the website of Resident Advisor. After that, there were many performances: Pitchfork Music Festival, ATP, Sonar. Last spring, the artist released the fifth full-length work on his own label Kompakt — an album, which is dedicated to utopia and named "The Follower", whichwas highly appreciated by critics and warmly received by listeners again.
jaga jazzistlive
(nor - ninja tune)
antracite - night

jaga jazzist

Another representative of 8 musicians from the cult British label Ninja Tune. The talented Norwegians, who released their first album in 1994, today have 5 full-length albums and more than a dozen singles and EP. Their music is usually characterized as electronic-experimental nu jazz, but actually it is beyond time and trends. The group was influenced by a wide variety of styles: from the British guitar shoegaze of the early 90s to the progressive rock of the 70s. They play in churches, at rock festivals, jazz concerts and events with electronic music. And everywhere they are in their element.
derrick carter
(usa - classic)
depo - night

derrick carter

A pioneer of the Chicago house scene and one of its key figures. He played in such clubs as Shelter, Foxy's and Smart Bar. His debut single "Love Me Right" was released in 1987. During these years, in his luggage as the musician, there were released the impressive number of tracks both under the real Carters' name and under his numerous aliases such asDJ Bang, Oneiro and The Innocent. He is also famous for the label called Classic Recordings, which, as it was planned ten years ago, ceased to exist after its 100th release.
zebra katzlive
(usa - zfk records)
container - day

zebra katz

The extravagant New York rapper Ojay Morgan and his Zebra Katz is a story of a dream that came true, for which a simple manager managed to quit his job by implementing his long-standing idea of a colleges’ courseware about a fictional character, moved to Berlin and became one of the most notable phenomena of hip-hop culture in recent years, being persistently studied by western journalists under the sign of a queer rap with the content of which the musician himself, by the way, does not agree. Apart of a collaboration with fashion designer Rick Owens that opened a path to fame, it is noticeable that the voice of Zebra Katz sounds not in one but in three tracks of Gorillaznew album.
octave onelive
(usa - 430 west)
angar - night

octave one

The cult duo from Detroit and the family project of the brothers Lenny and Lawrence Burden. Octave One debuted in 1990 with the single "I Belive" on Derrick May's Transmat label. It became one of the classic tracks and was played at all parties and raves in the 90's and personified the meaning of Detroit techno. In the same year, they created their own label 430 West Records, which became the home for many Detroit classics. In 2000, the most commercially successful "Blackwater" was released on British label Concept Music and was distributed worldwide in a million copies. Today, Burdens have released more than a hundred releases on such labels as: 430 West Records, Concept Music, Tresor, Tinted Records, Transmat and have become classics of detroit techno, continuing to improve and complicate their technique.
RomareFull Band Live
(uk - ninja tune)

Romare - Full Live Band

The rising star of the British electronic scene, Archie Fairhurst, was so inspired by the works of the American collage artist RomareBeardenwhile studying at the university, that he named his music project in his honor and applied a technique similar to Bearden’sstyle. The first release of Romare was published on Black Acre in 2012, and two years later the young producer was signed to Ninja Tune. His tracks are included on compilation by Bonobo and Tiga, they are put at radio show on the BBC by Gilles Peterson and Benji B and are praised by the editors of XLR8R.
(USA - Underground Quality)
DEPO - night


Dj Jus-Ed is a real old-timer of a deep house scene, DJ and producer with more than thirty years of experience, the founder of the legendary label Underground quality, which has influenced the removal of such performers as Nina Kraviz and Anton Zap. The years of mastery of the DJ, combined with the skills of MC, always immerse the listeners in the world of high-quality deep house underground. Edward has a close relationship and a lot of works with such an outstanding producers as Omar-S, Levon Vincent Fred P, Dj Qu, Move D.
Jane fitz
(UK, Night moves)
container - day

Jane fitz

A DJ's experience of Jane Fitz has more than 20 years of playing in clubs, festivals, fields, beaches, mountains, deserts, warehouses and cellars; From Hong Kong (where she lived in the mid-90s) to Freerotation (where she currently resides). In London, Fitz with Jade Seattle, organizes regular Night Moves parties, and she says the following about them: "We don’t want them to suddenly become fashionable. We want parties to be special and a special party is a combination of good people and free vibrations."
dj Masda
(jp - cabaret)
depo - day

dj Masda

DJ Masda is one of those,thanks to whom, Japanese tech house takes such an outstanding place in a modern dance music; perhaps the most authoritative DJ in Japan, the owner of the uniquerecords collection, which he started to collect in the mid-90s, when he began to play in clubs regularly. Interesting, that Masda didn't release anything during all this time, arranging his own musical path exceptionally as a club DJ, from the first European tours together with Lawrence to the Cabaret parties in Tokyo, which turned 15 years last fall. Later, together with So InagawaMasda launched a lable Cabaret, that now releases such artists as Evan Bags, Bihn and So Inagawa.
Laurel Halolive
truba - night

Laurel Halo

Ina Cube is a US producer who now has a residence in Berlin, whose debut album "King Felix" provided her a "breakthrough of the year" according to Fact magazine, and a year later, the next album "Hour Logic" Fact was included in the list of the best of the year. In 2012, she released a full-fledged record "Quarantine" on the world famous label Hyperdub. On June 23, her third album "Dust" appeared on the same label, in which Ina appeared again with her gentle vocal. In addition to releasing her own music, she conducts a monthly radio show on the Berlin Community Radio and performs on various world venues.


igor glushko - night
nastia - night
function(usa) - night
Stanislav Tolkachev btb Recid - night
voin oruwu live - night
konakov live - night
Yves Tumor(usa) live - night
byetone(de) live - night
john object live - night
shakolin - day
bejenec live - day
noizar btb borys day
lobanov k. live - day
anna haleta(il) btb alex savage - day
bill patrick(usa) - day
bambu - day
maayan nidam(il) - day
timur basha btb vova klk - day
se62 btb Pahatam - night
roman k btb Mykyta - night
pavel plastikk btb Olegue Zabava - day
Nisantashi Primary School live - day
nah(usa) live - day
вагоновожатые live - day
brandt brauer frick(de) live - night
heinali live - night
smailov - night


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